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Process - from your enquiry to a finished mural

If you have never hired an artist it can be a little confusing figuring out what to ask or where to begin.
Below is a step by step guide on how the process works.

For the process to run as smoothly as possible here are some things worth mentioning when making an enquiry;


When enquiring about a mural please make sure to note some basic info about the project including approximate size
and any ideas you may already have for the work. This helps gain a clearer picture of what it is you're after.

If you can provide any images of the space you want painted,

as well as any inspiration pics, then that would be a bonus!


Step 1 - Your enquiry


Step 2 - Damien's response and estimation.

Once the above information is received, Damien can calculate a ballpark cost for your project

and a basic timeline for the work to take place.
Damien will also begin to discuss some basic ideas with you including what may or may not be possible.


Step 3 - Deposit payment. 

Once the basic ideas, timeline and price have been agreed upon between yourself and Damien, a deposit is

required to be paid to lock the work in and hold the agreed upon dates for you. The deposit money is used for planning purposes, paint and material purchase and the design work. The deposit ensures Damien will begin working on concept designs for your project and will work on the designs until you are happy with the concepts and agree to proceed

with the painting.


Step 4 - The fun part, Painting!

Once the designs are signed off, Damien will begin painting on the agreed upon date and have the work

finished within the pre-organised timeframe. 


Step 5 - Final payment.

Once the painting is complete, Damien will invoice you for the remainder of the costs which are to be paid by the

due date specified on the invoice.

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